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Over recent years there have been various phone hacking scandals in the news. Phone hacking doesn’t only happen to people safeguarding sensitive information though, it can happen to anyone at any time. As a victim of phone hacking, seeking legal advice can help you to secure a course of action and find valuable closure.

What Is Phone Hacking?

Traditionally, phone hacking was a breach of privacy when someone illegally listened in on private phone calls or voicemail messages.

With modern technology and the Internet, phone hacking now extends to physically breaking a pin code on a smartphone, tapping into microphones and hacking via downloaded applications.

Regardless of the method, phone hacking is a criminal offence and can have serious implications, whether sensitive information is made public or not.

Phone Hacking Isle of Man

Has My Phone Been Hacked?

Phone hacking can be tricky to prove. Sometimes there are early warning signs which can alert you to suspicious activity, with these including:

  • Extra, unaccounted for charges on your monthly bill (if you have a contract)
  • Fake emails or text messages sent from your phone hacking Isle of Man
  • Battery power that’s draining more quickly than usual
  • Unusual activity on your phone after you downloaded a new application

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

The effects of phone hacking can be far-reaching and include financial losses, leaking of information and embarrassment. The team at Quinn Legal understand that sensitivity and discretion is needed after a phone hacking experience has occurred.

We can advise how you should deal with phone hacking and help you to take legal action. Due to the nature of phone hacking it can be difficult to establish the perpetrator, but if you’ve suffered financial losses, it may be possible to seek compensation.

Whatever your individual circumstance, we always take the time to explain available courses of action and offer guidance throughout any legal processes.

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