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With active traditional and digital media publishing channels, it’s easier than ever for someone to damage the reputation of another. From a newspaper or magazine quote to a nasty social media comment or video, people have the ability to voice their opinions, generate a public reaction and impact someone else’s life in an instant.
If you’ve suffered from a damaged reputation, or are suspected of causing harm to another person’s reputation, we offer specialist litigation advice to reassure you throughout the legal proceedings.

Libel and Slander Isle of Man

What Does Defamation Mean?

Defamation occurs when someone causes damage to another person’s reputation which affects their personal or professional work life. Damage of this nature can be caused through spoken and written words, photography, artwork and blogging, and doesn’t even have to mention the person’s name to have an impact.

Libel and Slander Isle of Man

If your reputation is hurt by a written statement, whether or not your name is identified specifically, it’s called libel. The opposite of this is slander, where your reputation is damaged by spoken words.

Making A Defamation Claim

Experiencing damage to your reputation can have significant effects on your lifestyle and cause emotional distress. It’s possible to make a defamation claim against the person who caused you harm and sue them for damages (e.g. compensation).

To make a claim, you’ll need to show evidence that:

  • Others have been influenced by the allegation
  • You are identified as the target of the allegation
  • The accusation has reduced your reputation in the eyes of ordinary people
  • The result has or is likely to harm your reputation

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

Our team of specialist litigation advocates understand the need for sensitivity where defamation claims are concerned. We empathise and respect that making a claim against another person can be a difficult experience.

That’s why our process is to meet with you to learn what’s happened and what kind of outcomes you are looking for by making a claim. After this we can explain defamation law, your rights and what the future can look like.

Should you decide to pursue a claim for damages, we’ll fiercely defend you throughout and keep you updated of your case progress from day one through to the final judgment.

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