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What Is Contract Law?

Contract law is a specialist area covering the creation of a contract between two parties. A contract may be drawn up between you and other people (e.g. a landlord and tenant) or organisations (e.g. two businesses), for the purpose of agreeing terms on a particular subject.

The law not only explains the legal requirements of creating a contract, but provides explanations for interpreting, enforcing and even terminating a contract after it’s been signed.

When you seek legal advice for contract law, you’ll receive expert guidance throughout the drafting stages and in ensuring that the final document is legally binding.

Contractural Law Isle of Man


Applicable across every industry, contracts are drafted and signed to show legal agreement in many different situations. You might sign a contract to start a gym membership or buy a new house, or if you’re in business, you may have a contract drafted for a new staff appointment or the sale of a new product.

Every written contract discusses ideas and terms that are unique to the situation. Although no two contracts are the same as circumstances vary from party to party, similar criteria are used in the drafting process, specifying that:

  • A contract is an agreement between different parties
  • The signed document will be legally binding (meaning that a breach of contract is a breach of the law)
  • A transaction of some sort has taken place (e.g. money or services)
  • Each person signing the contract must have legal capacity and do so under free will

Legal Capacity

To sign a contract, you must have legal capacity, which means that you’re mentally capable of understanding the terms of the document and your responsibilities as a signatory.

Unfortunately, there are some people who aren’t allowed to enter into a contract. If any of the below criteria apply to you, we can offer advice for how to proceed.

  • Mental incapacity or impairment
  • Minors or young people under the age of 18
  • People in financial difficulty (e.g. insolvency or bankruptcy)
  • Prisoners

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

Our Business team provide specialist contract law services for you or your business. The team is knowledgeable and expert in handling any type of contract law matter.

From day one you’ll receive services from approachable advocates who take the time to understand your situation and individual needs.

We can help with:

  • Drafting a contract, whether for personal or business use
  • Negotiating terms with another party on your behalf
  • Interpreting and helping you to understand a contract, including legal terminology
  • Handling a breach of contract and the problems that can arise, including lawsuits

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