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What Is A Personal Injury?

Personal injuries happen frequently in everyday life and are often unavoidable. A personal injury occurs when you experience physical or psychological damage through no fault of your own.

For example, you may sustain a physical head injury after tripping over a box at work and falling into a desk. As a workplace hazard caused your injury, you may be eligible to make a claim against your employer.

Not all claims are totally centred around receiving compensation though. In the example above, filing a claim may mean that your employer has to prove that safe working regulations have been implemented since your injury occurred. This could greatly benefit future employees.

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Of course, if you’ve suffered a personal injury, receiving compensation could be very beneficial. Perhaps you’ve been involved in a car crash through no fault of your own and as a result, you’ve been unable to work for 12 months. Compensation can provide for you at a time when you’re unable to provide for yourself and any dependents.

The Claiming Process

Below you’ll find a general outline of the process involved in a personal injury claim:

  • Get in touch with us to set up an appointment
  • Disclose the details of your injury and from this we’ll help you to decide the best course of action
  • Draft a letter to explain your injuries – this is sent to the person/company you’re holding responsible
  • Wait for a response – during these time we’ll keep you fully up-to-date with any changes

Out Of Court Settlement

In response to your claim letter, the person/company you hold responsible will either accept liability or deny liability. Should they immediately accept that your injury was caused by them, we’ll be able to communicate and organise an out of court settlement.


Unfortunately, in many personal injury cases, the people/company being accused of responsibility will deny liability. When this happens, the case will most likely end up in court.

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

You may feel uncertain if your personal injury warrants a claim. That’s where our services come in. At Quinn Legal we can meet with you to discuss the nature of your injury and the effect it’s had on your life. Our advocates don’t solely focus on your eligibility for compensation, they’ll provide guidance on seeking medical and physical or psychological rehabilitation support if you need it.

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