personal injury & medical negligence

Unfortunately, Isle of Man personal injury claims and medical negligence are an increasingly frequent part of modern life. If you think that you’ve experienced a personal injury or suffered as a result of medical negligence, get in touch today and we’ll help to guide you through this difficult time.

What You Need To Know

Personal injuries and the effects of medical negligence can have a huge impact on the quality of your life. With psychological and physical consequences, it’s crucial that you seek legal advice when you experience an injury or poor care.

It can be stressful to decide to make a claim against another person or a company. Not all claims are filed against strangers and some may involve close family members, friends, work colleagues and employers, as well as companies you may have dealt with for a number of years.

We represent clients who need assistance for a variety of claims, not all of which are on their behalf. Sadly, medical negligence can end a patient’s life and in these extremely sensitive situations, relatives and friends may wish to challenge the medical verdict and health practitioner involved.

You May Need A Lawyer If You’re:
  • Involved in some kind of accident; car, bicycle or pedestrian related
  • Experiencing ill-effects from a defective product
  • The victim of a fall or slip which has resulted in a personal injury
  • Receiving medical care and the professional involved has given you poor advice which resulted in poor treatment

How Can Quinn Legal Help with Isle of Man Personal Injury Claims?

Our tailored services are built around your needs. Initially we’ll meet with you to discuss any concerns you may have about filing a claim and whether or not you can benefit from one. Often it’s useful to speak with our advocates for your own peace of mind, even if you decide or are advised not to file a claim.

At Quinn Legal, our approachability sets us apart from the rest. From day one, we’ll develop our working relationship with you, through keeping you regularly informed and providing you with trustworthy law expertise.

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