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When Would A Settlement Agreement Be Useful?

If you have a dispute with your employer, a settlement contract may be drawn up. This legally states that your employer will pay you a sum of money to ensure that further legal action is not taken against them. A settlement agreement can only be drawn up by a legal representative, as without their input, the new contract would be deemed invalid.

Are Settlement Agreements and Compromise Agreements the same thing?

In recent years, the name settlement agreement replaced compromise agreement. Some compromise agreements still exist and do remain valid.

Settlement agreements are legally binding, and once signed, an employee cannot bring a claim against their employer.

settlement agreements Isle of Man

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

Drafting of a settlement agreement can be a complex and lengthy process. At Quinn Legal our employment team are organised, thorough and practised in preparing such legal documents.

As a settlement agreement is often needed due to termination of employment, we recognise that this can be an upsetting and worrisome experience. The legal service we provide is bespoke to your personal needs and will be offered sensitively to the situation.

We will:

  • Explain your legal position and help you to decide if a settlement agreement is the right course of action
  • Support you through the entire settlement experience, from start to completion
  • Assist with communications between you and your employer
  • Drafting of settlement documents
  • Negotiating the best settlement figure based on your situation and how your employment ended

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