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What Is An Employment Tribunal Claim?

If you’re involved in an employment dispute, your case may be presented in an employment tribunal case. A tribunal is a judicial body set up by the Government to hear employment claims. It’s usually made up of three people; a legally qualified chairman and two lay members.

Although less formal than a court appearance, officials in an employment tribunal can’t offer legal guidance and every person giving evidence has to do so under oath. Similar to court, tribunals follow Government rules and their purpose is to find a fair solution to the claims put forward.

On the Isle of Man there are no fees charged to start a claim.

What Happens At A Tribunal?

  • You (the claimant) or your representative will make your case to the tribunal
  • The respondent will make their case against you
  • Each side will present their evidence and questions may be asked by the tribunal
  • A decision may be given at the hearing, but usually you’ll be notified by post in the following weeks
employment tribunal Isle of Man

Winning Your Claim

If you win the case, the tribunal may state that you receive compensation in some form. Two examples include financial payments or commitments such as improving working conditions. The compensation you receive will depend on the type of claim you made.

Losing Your Claim

If you lose the case, there may be an opportunity to ask the tribunal to reconsider their decision. We can assist you in writing to the tribunal office or appealing the decision if a legal error has been made.

Types Of Claim That An Employment Tribunal Handles:

  • Unfair dismissal Isle of Man
  • Discrimination claims
  • Issues with wages paid (including minimum wage non-payment)
  • Claims concerning redundancy payments

An employment tribunal can’t hear a breach of contract claim as the Isle of Man High Court deals with contractual breaches. Click here for further information on breach of contract.

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

Our Employment team are experts in handling employment tribunal claims and understand the sensitivity required for such a situation.

We will:

  • Advise you of your legal position in relation to the claim
  • Process your claim and make you aware of any consequences
  • Discuss how an employment tribunal can benefit your claim
  • Represent you throughout the process, including speaking before the tribunal

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