relationship breakdown & divorce

Relationship breakdown & divorce

Our Isle of Man family advocates are here to help you. If you and your partner need help for relationship breakdown or divorce, contact us on 01624 665522 for expert family advice.

Marriage Worries

Experiencing marriage difficulty is a distressing and life changing time. If you and your partner are unsure about your future, it’s worth seeking legal advice as soon as possible. At Quinn Legal our Family team can support you with an initial consultation to discuss the options available to you and to guide you through uncertain times.

Not every relationship breakdown ends in divorce. Many couples can save their relationship through help from other organisations, and we can advise who to contact and how they can help you.

For those relationships that sadly can’t be saved, the only way to get a divorce is through legal channels. Depending on the level of complication in your circumstances, getting a divorce doesn’t always mean that you’ll have to go to court.

If a divorce is the option you and your partner choose, there may be a variety of situations you need to consider together. Due to the sensitive nature of divorce, it’s often difficult to agree on terms, especially when finances, property and children are involved.

Unmarried Couples

Many people don’t get married and the legal rights affecting a relationship breakdown in these situations is very different. If you have joint finances, property or you have children together, breaking up can cause stress while terms are considered. It’s as important to seek legal advice in this time as it is for people considering divorce. You’ll find more information on services for unmarried couples and families here.

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

Protecting you and your future is our aim when assisting with the breakdown of a relationship or divorce. Our advocates provide sensitive and thoughtful legal guidance in these very difficult and emotionally stressful situations.

To ensure you receive the best possible outcome, we personalise our services to your needs. Our advocates are forward-thinking and will always have you and your family’s best interests in mind.

We will:

  • Talk through the options available to you
  • Help to establish a plan that suits your needs and future considerations
  • Negotiate on your behalf with your partner’s representation (if applicable)
  • Represent you and handle any communications with your partner and their representation (if applicable)

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I am extremely grateful for your advice and and I appreciate your legal support to date.

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    Client Reviews

    Claire has been such a fantastic advisor and support through this entire process, and I’m so grateful that this has now been drawn to a conclusion. I will be highly recommending Miss Clampton to anybody who seeks any assistance in such matters in the future. I really did feel Claire did an excellent job and is highly skilled in her role. As well as having the professional knowledge, she also as a client made me feel well supported through what was a very difficult period for me.

    Family client – December 2019

    Our best friend firm in the Isle of Man is Quinn Legal. We use them regularly and their service levels are excellent.

    Isle of Man employment law – October 2018

    I heard about Quinn Legal through a Facebook competition last year and I signed up to your newsletters. I got many quotes for my conveyancing, and although you weren’t quite the cheapest, I have been recommended you by a number of people.

    Property sale & purchase client – October 2018

    Following on from the great service we had when selling our property recently we would like to use you again for the purchasing of the house.

    Property sale client – September 2018

    Thank you for your dedication to my divorce and relocation case. You have both been wonderful and I wouldn’t have succeeded without your help. I am truly grateful for everything, and the gifts were only a small gesture to your continuous patience and understanding.

    Family client – September 2018

    It was really kind of you to go to the trouble you did for us. We think you are brilliant!

    Property sale & purchase – August 2018

    An International Bank provided us with a list of law firms they recommended and your firm was one of them. We also did some research on reviews for probate firms and Quinn Legal had good ratings and reviews. I was also impressed with your website and the ability to chat with someone almost immediately, especially given the time line between our countries.

    Canadian Law Firm

    Wills & Probate client – August 2018

    I thought I would write you a short note of appreciation and thanks for the emails we exchanged.

    Civil litigation – July 2018

    We are really thankful for the quick response, information provided and the follow up calls. No other firms offered this service and my client would like to instruct you : ) Thank you to Lisa for setting out the details for the quote and wanted to say how helpful this is. The client is really happy with the service.

    Wills & Probate client – July 2018

    Thanks for your continued good work.

    Property purchase client – July 2018

    Thanks for a prompt quote – most impressive!

    Property transfer client – July 2018

    As mentioned, I cannot thank you enough – despite the issues outside of our control – we have got there in the end!!

    Property purchase client – June 2018

    I know Claire Clampton professionally and I am fond of her work ethic, so I assumed that the rest of the firm may be similar! I have been really impressed with your customer service today.

    Property sale & purchase – June 2018

    We were only selling but Quinn Legal made the buying process a lot easier for my buyer. There were a couple of occasions when his lawyers were telling him that they were waiting for something from Quinn Legal, only for Neil to prove this had been sent days earlier.

    Mr Steve Overton | Private Client

    Property sale client – May 2018

    I would like to say Thank You. Thank you for your all your help and your patience. I am very grateful that you did my case. I wish you everything good that can be imagined for the future.

    Family client – May 2018

    We were really pleased that we chose Quinn Legal for the sale of our house and that we didn’t chose a rival company based on price alone.

    Mr Steve Overton | Private Client

    Property sale client – May 2018

    The GDPR has been a ‘hot topic’ now for well over a year. Adherence to the legislation is key and for many organisations has meant reviewing and realigning their procedures and policies.

    Working as a consultant for numerous on and off-island organisations, I’ve had the pleasure of introducing Quinn Legal as champions in this field. I’ve been immensely impressed by their approach to assisting organisations, not only in terms of their ability to align the working practices, but also in terms of their well thought-out, impactful and in-depth training.

    Their professionalism, coupled with their capability to understand a very broad variety of businesses demonstrates their willingness and effectiveness in driving value.

    Alex Martin-Smith | Simplify

    GDPR client – April 2018

    Many thanks for both of you for your spectacularly quick and efficient service earlier in the week. I managed to get to the Courts and submit the probate, swearing the appropriate oath. This was a real load off my mind and allowed me to concentrate on the events of the following day.

    Wills & probate client – April 2018

    On behalf of both myself and my sister, we would like to extend a huge thank you to Hayley and her team. Hayley has been extremely professional throughout this process and empathised with our situation. She quickly understood our wishes and explained the legal position clearly. Most importantly, through her expertise she swiftly brought the matter to a close which was our wish and it has now allowed us to start to move forward from what has been a very difficult period in our lives.

    I know it’s your job and you’re being paid to do it, but we are so thankful for your help with this. It is hard to put into words the weight that has been lifted from our shoulders now that this issue has ended.

    Civil litigation – April 2018

    Many thanks ladies.

    You have been wonderful. This whole process has been so smooth and we will hopefully be in touch again when we purchase our next property.

    Property sale client – April 2018

    Thanks again for all the help and going above and beyond. It is very much appreciated.

    Family client – April 2018

    Thank you very much for your explanation and breakdown of the fees – extremely helpful.

    Property sale client – April 2018

    The GDPR Portal is amazing.
    I don’t know how anyone could survive without it!

    Ruth Douthwaite | Celtic Associates

    GDPR Portal – April 2018

    Thanks so much for the information, and many thanks to Claire for sorting all this out, in so short a time.

    Family client – April 2018

    Everything is as I would like it to be…… Great job as always….

    Family client – April 2018

    I would have said more good things about Louise and the overall service but the box is too small!

    Family client – February 2018

    Excellent. Professional. Competent. I moved from another law firm and the uplift in service from Ms (Louise) Byrne was unbelievable.

    Family client – February 2018

    Thanks for you help, John.

    Criminal client – February 2018

    I do appreciate what you are doing for me, Hayley.

    Civil litigation client – February 2018

    Thank you for keeping me up to date and informed.

    Criminal client – January 2018

    It is extremely useful for charities. It is a difficult subject to deliver but the trainer did it well.

    GDPR course delegate – January 2018

    Thanks for an informative and interesting day.

    GDPR course delegate – January 2018

    Very informative!

    GDPR course delegate – January 2018

    I just wanted to say that the training yesterday was really good and we all found it incredibly informative and helpful!

    GDPR course delegate – January 2018

    I wanted to say thank you for your services so far, you have made the whole process a lot more manageable for me, Claire.

    Family client – January 2018

    Wow, service at its BEST, thank you, Peter and Bernie.

    Business client – January 2018

    Neil and Robyn, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you very much for all your help, we couldn’t have asked for better service and would definitely recommend Quinn Legal.

    Property client – January 2018

    Thank you for making such excellent progress, Steven.

    Civil litigation client – January 2018

    Thank you so much for all your help Robyn, you have been a pleasure to deal with and made it all so easy.

    Property purchase client – January 2018

    Jim, I just wanted to write to you to thank you for everything. You made the experience much easier for me. I will most definitely recommend your services to anyone who is ever in need.

    Criminal client – January 2018

    Jim and John, your services and the company’s were second to none.

    Criminal client – January 2018

    Hayley, thank you for the steps you have undertaken. We are greatly appreciative of your effort.

    Civil litigation client – January 2018

    John, thanks for your help and advice.

    Criminal client – January 2018

    Jim and John, I would like to thank you for your assistance.

    Criminal client – January 2018

    John, thank you for all your help and support in this matter.

    Criminal client – January 2018

    Delighted with services received from both Neil and Robyn.

    Property client – January 2018

    Leanne, thank you for your speedy reply.

    New enquiry – January 2018

    Thank you, Bernie, I appreciate the patience and help always.

    Business client – January 2018

    Very friendly and helpful people. Always felt they were on my side and had my best interests at heart.

    Property purchase client – January 2018

    Fantastic nothing to fault. Everyone was fab.

    Property sale client – January 2018

    All good – friendly atmosphere pervades.

    Wills & Probate client – January 2018

    The service I received was brilliant at all times.

    Wills & Probate client – January 2018

    I found the reception staff very helpful and pleasant. They pointed us in the right direction for what we required. Our legal representative, Lisa Gawne, explained all we needed to know, then carried out our instructions to the letter.

    Wills & Probate client – January 2018

    Everyone was really nice and co-operative.

    Property purchase client – January 2018

    I know you provide a good service because we have used you in the past.

    Property client – January 2018

    Leanne, thank you for giving this your prompt attention.

    Property purchase client – January 2018

    Thank you for the quote and thorough breakdown, Leanne.

    Property purchase client – January 2018

    Claire, thanks for everything you’ve done and for your professionalism.

    Family client – December 2017

    Bernie, many thanks to you for your prompt cooperation.

    Business client – December 2017

    Joanne, you’ve been so easy to work with!

    Business intermediary – December 2017

    Claire, I can’t tell you in words how pleased I am and how thankful I am for your help.

    Family client – December 2017

    Claire and Kathryn, I am so grateful for all the work you are doing. I know I have you beavering away behind the scenes and I feel truly blessed to have team Quinn on my side.

    Family client – December 2017

    Bernie, I much appreciated your help on this.

    Business client – December 2017

    Neil and Robyn, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to yourself and the team for helping us with buying our first home. We collected the keys yesterday and we’re ecstatic to get started on making it our own. Again, thank you massively, it’s been a pleasure.

    Property purchase client – December 2017

    James/Steve just a quick note to say thank you for the hospitality on Saturday it was a very enjoyable event. As always great atmosphere and great networking opps..!

    Event guest – December 2017

    Many thanks Steven, and huge thanks / well done for today.

    Civil litigation client – December 2017

    Thanks for your help with this Leanne, I really appreciate it.

    New enquiry – December 2017

    Thanks Leanne you have been a great help.

    Property client – November 2017

    Friendly and efficient, and so very helpful. You take the stress out of what ever business you’re dealing with.

    Property purchase client – November 2017

    It is so nice to see happy, cheerful and helpful staff.

    Property sale client – November 2017

    Service was prompt and I was kept informed throughout.

    Property purchase – November 2017

    Used Quinn legal previously – service was great. All dealings dealt with expertly in friendly and informative manner.

    Property sale & purchase client – November 2017

    I have used Quinn Legal before and they were excellent again. Excellent communication.

    Property client – November 2017

    I felt everything was already very good. The service was excellent, very smooth and very professional service.

    Property sale & remortgage client – November 2017

    Neil was constantly in touch and able to keep me updated at all times. I had total faith that he would be working ‘on our side’ and would be doing the very best he could. I felt very pleased with the service I received and have recommended you to several people so far.

    Property purchase client – November 2017

    I don’t think the services I used could be improved.

    Property sale client – November 2017

    Service we received was first class – I was impressed with service and advice provided by Kate Clague so said would be back when I needed more legal support.

    Property purchase client – November 2017

    Neil Quilliam did an excellent job – he knows the process inside out and was very helpful at every stage.

    Property sale & purchase client – November 2017

    Used Quinn Legal for a long time.

    Commercial property purchase client – November 2017

    It was handled extremely professionally and efficiently. The staff were very pleasant and professional. I felt very welcomed by the receptionist.

    Civil litigation client – November 2017

    I was entirely happy with the service as it was. Have used your services a couple of times and will use again if required.

    Property purchase client – November 2017

    My experience has been very positive, help and assistance was uppermost at all times.

    Property sale client – November 2017

    Kate was very helpful in what turned out to be a complicated matter.

    Property remortgage client – November 2017

    Excellent service all round.

    Property purchase client – November 2017

    Thank you so much for your work on this issue and getting it resolved, Steven.

    Civil litigation client – November 2017

    Thank you for your help and support during the counting process for this year’s Poppy Appeal in Douglas. We have raised over £39,500.00! Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas from Hilary and the team from Douglas Branch RBL.

    Royal British Legion, IOM Douglas Branch – November 2017

    Thanks John for sorting that out. Thanks again, means a lot.

    Criminal client – November 2017

    John and Jim, thanks for your help.

    Criminal client – November 2017

    Stephen, thank you for your work in getting this completed. You were super efficient.

    Business client – November 2017

    Stephen, thanks for rushing these documents out and in good time – perfectly timed ie before 11:00am as you promised. Fantastic – many thanks.

    Business client – November 2017

    Bernie, you are wonderful. Thank you.

    Business client – November 2017

    Louise, thank you so much for the advice you have given us. You have put my mind at ease as I have been so worried about it. I have so much respect for you. So glad I had the opportunity to meet you.

    Family client – November 2017

    Thank you for all your help, John.

    Criminal client – November 2017

    Now that Kate has completed our house sale and purchase, I just wanted to let you know what an excellent job she has done for us. I know I can be quite demanding, but Kate was patient, kept us well informed and gave us the reassurances we needed just when we needed them.

    Conveyancing client – November 2017

    Thank you Bernie, I appreciate your help.

    Business client – November 2017

    Appreciate all the help always, Bernie.

    Business client – November 2017

    Thanks Steve, I enjoyed it! Please pass on my thanks to Peter as well – a superbly detailed day out.

    GDPR Course Attendee – October 2017

    Louise you absolute rockstar! I don’t know what I would do without all your fantastic help!

    Family client – October 2017

    Thanks Steve, we really enjoyed the seminar and found it most informative.

    GDPR Course Attendee – October 2017

    I know some lovely people including my wonderful Manx advocate Claire Clampton. Can’t praise her enough. What a wonderful lady.

    Family client – October 2017

    Just a note of thanks to you and Neil for your time and hospitality today, Steve, we found it very informative.

    Business intermediary – October 2017

    Just a quick email to thank you for meeting with us yesterday, Steve. I think we took some valuable points away from the meeting so it was certainly worthwhile.

    Business intermediary – October 2017

    Thank you for all your help over the last month or so, Neil. Buying a house is a hugely important event for us and an area in which we are not experienced. You have provided reassurance and expertise at every step and we are grateful for the quality service.

    Conveyancing client – October 2017

    We would like to go ahead and instruct Quinn Legal after a lot of positive recommendation!

    New client – October 2017

    Thank you so much for all your help, Claire, I am delighted.

    Family law client – October 2017

    Just a quick email to say thanks for Friday it was a quality afternoon much better than the “norm” corporate events. I really enjoyed the company and must apologise again for my terrible golf!

    Corporate client – October 2017

    Please pass on my thanks to Quinn Legal for their generous sponsorship of the Silver Angel Cup at Douglas Golf Club. I was very proud to win second prize.

    Sponsored Golf Event Attendee – September 2017

    We would like to thank you for your very clear and helpful advice, Ashley. Very much appreciated.

    Civil litigation client – September 2017

    Thank you for the excellent preparation, Steven.

    Civil litigation client – September 2017

    Steven, I commend you on a job well done.

    Civil litigation client – September 2017

    Thanks for all your help Steven.

    Civil litigation client – September 2017

    Fantastic Customer and professional Service from Ashley Kneale. He was approachable and down to earth with a sense of humor which is always extremely important in stressful situations. We felt Ashley was there right with us the whole way. Thank you very much and am singing his praises!

    Civil litigation client – September 2017

    I really appreciate your help and advice, especially in explaining the future risks involved in my matter. Had I known about and used your law firm with my past legal matters, I could have saved a substantial amount of money and hassle. Thank you.

    Conveyancing client – September 2017

    John and Jim, thank you I really do appreciate everything that has been done for me.

    Criminal client – September 2017

    Thank you too to Kathryn she has been great. Like to thank Avril too she is a great receptionist.

    Family client – September 2017

    Excellent knowledge of the law.

    Conveyancing client – September 2017

    I can honestly say your service was outstanding. All the staff were friendly and professional and helped put my mind to rest at a very stressful time.

    Conveyancing client – September 2017

    I think your service is very good.

    Conveyancing client – September 2017

    The service by email and telephone could not have been bettered.

    Conveyancing client – September 2017

    Neil & Robyn were extremely helpful.

    Conveyancing client – September 2017

    Quinn Legal were very efficient and prompt.

    Conveyancing client – September 2017

    We had an excellent experience! The whole process was far superior to what we experienced in England.

    Conveyancing client – September 2017

    I was always met with understanding, a high level of professionalism and ultimately a resolution that was beneficial for all parties that were involved.

    Conveyancing client – September 2017

    Thank you again for your all help, Jim and John.

    Criminal client – September 2017

    Perfect, thank you very much for all your help throughout the process Kate. Made it so much easier for me. Thanks for your patience with all my questions.

    Conveyancing client – September 2017

    I am extremely grateful for your advice and and I appreciate your legal support to date.

    Family client – September 2017

    Kate and Tracy, wow… thanks again for all your support, assistance and efficiency with our recent property sale. It was a great relief to know our sale was in safe hands at Quinn Legal.

    Steve Cobb, conveyancing client, September 2017

    I was impressed by your responsiveness in our previous correspondence.

    New enquiry – September 2017

    Thanks again and big thanks to Leanne too – she’s been very helpful in this process.

    Conveyancing client – September 2017

    Claire, I feel yesterday was a good result thank you.

    Family client, September 2017

    Neil, once again thank you for everything you have done for me this summer regarding the purchase of my new property and sale of my old property.

    Conveyancing client – August 2017

    Kate, thanks so much. What a triumph! Well done, you star!

    Conveyancing client – August 2017

    Thank you so much for your prompt replies and great customer service.

    New client – August 2017

    Appreciate your prompt response and first class presentation, Kate.

    Conveyancing client – August 2017

    As far as we are concerned our experience could not have been bettered so no improvement required!

    Conveyancing client – July 2017

    Very positive experience from Neil, and then from Robyn who picked up the sale/purchase days before it was due to complete.

    Conveyancing client – July 2017

    We could not fault the service we received, starting with the reception desk and followed by Cara Nelson dealing with our business. Cara was professional, swift in her responses, competent in her advice and a very personable lady to deal with.

    Conveyancing client – July 2017

    Cara, we have been most pleasantly surprised at the difference in dealing with you as representative of a legal profession which for so long was stuck in what might be called Victorian values. The regular and immediate contact by email has been so refreshing and has made the process much easier and happening in real time.

    Conveyancing client – July 2017

    Thank you for a wonderful customer experience!

    New client – July 2017

    Leanne was extremely professional yet approachable and provided a high level of customer service. Explained next steps, including sending me an email within the timescale specified, for the process I need to go through. What a joy to receive this level of service. Thank you.

    New client – July 2017

    Kathryn, thank you and Claire for being so good through this stressful time.

    Family client – July 2017

    Steven, many thanks to you and Natalie for excellent work.

    Civil Litigation client – July 2017

    Once again I appreciate all your help.

    Civil Litigation client – June 2017

    Thankyou so much for all your work and time your first class, Claire. You put a big smile on a face today.

    Family client – June 2017

    Olivia was extremely helpful breaking things down and interpreting jargon.

    Property client – June 2017

    Kate and Tracy kept me sane and informed, so a big thanks to them both!

    Property client – June 2017

    I was very happy with the customer service from start to finish and always received a quick response to any queries I had regarding my transaction. Would definitely recommend and will probably use your services again.

    Property client – June 2017

    Lovely staff very helpful

    Property client – June 2017

    You are the first advocate to actually explain something to me. Many thanks.

    Conveyancing client – June 2017

    I have recommended your services to my colleague, Neil, particularly as you did such a fantastic job on my recent purchase.

    Property client – June 2017

    Many thanks for the excellent work.

    Litigation client – June 2017

    Easy flexible appointments, everything explained in simple terms.

    Corporate & Commercial client – May 2017

    It was all so smooth & quick, amazing service.

    Property client – May 2017

    We had no negative comments to make, we received a very professional service. All services were extremely professionally carried out and all staff very helpful and lovely to deal with.

    Wills & Probate client – May 2017

    Neil made a very (very) rapidly moving house sale that was made painful because of the buyers, a quick and much easier process. He was a star.

    Property client – May 2017

    This was my first dealing with your office, made to feel like a customer and not a number. Was very good, never had to wait and nothing was too much trouble.

    Property client – May 2017

    Very good / very helpful

    Corporate & Commercial client – May 2017

    I was impressed by your service both over the phone and in terms of getting your firms quote out to us.

    George – May 2017

    Thanks very much, everyone was so friendly and helpful.

    Jane – May 2017

    Was very good, never had to wait and nothing was too much trouble.

    Miss Williams – May 2017

    Neil made a very (very) rapidly moving house sale that was made painful because of the buyers, a quick and much easier process. He was a star.

    Emma – May 2017

    Lisa Gawne was so helpful during a difficult time. She saw me straight away and put my mind at rest. Cannot thank her enough.

    Wills & Probate Client – May 2017

    Extremely happy with the service which was done mostly by email as we are living in the UK. Any email queries we sent were dealt with quickly and efficiently.

    Conveyancing Client – May 2017

    Louise was so caring throughout my divorce. It’s the small things that make a difference and her support really helped me through a very hard time.

    Lauren – April 2017

    Steven, thank you, I am extremely grateful for all your work on this.

    Margaret – April 2017

    Claire, thanks so much for all the hard work and time you have put in to help me and my family out.

    Mr Charles – April 2017

    Thank you Leanne, and thanks for being so good with me on the phone. Your kindness was much appreciated.

    Beatrice – April 2017

    You have been recommended to me and I was really impressed with your helpfulness with this quote.

    Anna – April 2017

    Peter, thanks for coming along to our AGM and delivering such an informative session. We have had some great feedback from the attendees so it obviously went down well.

    Bryan O’Connor, The Insurance Institute of the Isle of Man – May 2017

    Thank you for your help, you are all so friendly and it has been really nice dealing with you. Really great reception area.

    Mr Brayson – April 2017

    Thank you Leanne you are a star!

    Brendon – April 2017

    Thanks again for everything. I cannot say how pleased I am with the excellent service over the last 3 months. Pleasure to deal with you Kate.

    Mark – April 2017

    Kate and Tracy, you are both exceptional!

    Carl – April 2017

    Nothing was too much trouble, the communication was excellent, and they met every one of our demands with professionalism and integrity throughout. I cannot emphasise how delighted we have been throughout the whole process.

    Gordon – April 2017

    There is nothing I would or could say on this point – we were delighted with all aspects of the service we received.

    Anna and Billy – April 2017

    Excellent service and I will recommend Neil to anyone who is buying a property.

    Tanya – April 2017

    Excellent service. Neil was very efficient and made a potentially stressful process run smoothly.

    Mr and Mrs Wilson – April 2017

    I think that the relaxed but formal approach to clients works for me.

    Dean – March 2017

    Very professional. Very detailed. Very good!

    Jim – March 2017

    The service was good and fee was what I was quoted.

    Fearne – March 2017

    Thank you for all your help and support with the purchase, Ruth.

    David – March 2017

    Thanks for this Kate, and for your determination in seeing it through. I know it wasn’t the easiest job.

    Liam – March 2017

    I appreciated the honest and commercial approach which delivered the best result possible. Thanks Ashley.

    Benjamin – March 2017

    Many thanks, Leanne for sending this through to me so quickly.

    Sarah – March 2017

    I appreciate your swift assistance regarding this matter.

    Maddie – March 2017

    Thank you for your prompt quote Leanne.

    Valerie – March 2017

    Thanks for the quick responses, it was really appreciated.

    Michael – March 2017

    Peter was very helpful and gave me all the information I needed.

    Anna – March 2017

    Your quote was very concise and easy to understand, and the customer service you gave was excellent!

    Lorraine – March 2017

    Thank you so much for your incredibly hard work, Steven.

    Victoria – March 2017

    You are a gem, Leanne, thanks a million for your kind assistance.

    Tara – March 2017

    I used Neil for my house purchase 2 years ago and would recommend you.

    Aaron – February 2017

    Louise’s decision making and advice was excellent. I would recommend her to anyone.

    Laura – February 2017

    I would like to take the opportunity to compliment the property team on the professional way in which they handled the sale.

    Paul – February 2017

    The receptionist and waiting area is very welcoming, not what I was expecting from a law firm!

    Trevor – February 2017

    As always reliable.

    Timothy – February 2017

    Leanne has been fantastic, extremely prompt in providing me with the information I required in order to sign up.

    Hazel – February 2017

    Thanks for all your work and assistance, Ashley.

    Samuel – February 2017

    Kate- very pleased with all your efforts kindness nothing too much trouble.

    Paul – February 2017

    Having bought and sold a number of properties over the years, this was – by a long way – the best experience that I have had. Quick response times to my queries were particularly appreciated, as was the approachable members of the team. More of the same rather than an improvement. Neil and Robyn worked excellently as a team, with one picking up if the other was busy but in such a way that it was seamless. Big thank you.

    Christopher – February 2017

    I cannot fault Quinn Legal whatsoever. Service provided was excellent. Thank you.

    Marianne – February 2017

    Really friendly staff and they seem to be on top of their game. I would absolutely recommend this company.

    John – February 2017

    Thank you for helping us with a stressful house move, Neil.

    Mr and Mrs Pritchard – February 2017

    Peter is an excellent person to work with; quick, patient, good knowledge and efficient. I’ve only ever heard good things spoken of Quinn Legal on a whole.

    Ricky – January 2017

    I was well looked after by Andrew and found the staff friendly and helpful. There was never any problem contacting someone at Quinn Legal.

    George – January 2017

    Peter was very customer orientated, reliable and efficient. We would use you again without hesitation.

    Mr and Mrs Buchan – January 2017

    You were so helpful and caring, thank you for your help, Leanne.

    Kelly – January 2017

    Steve, thank you for your assistance and support in our legal case.

    Adele – January 2017

    We are forever grateful for your sterling work, Steven.

    Gary – January 2017

    Many thanks for your help and patience on this matter, Kate, your kindness is very much appreciated.

    Jane – January 2017

    John, we wanted to wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New year and a big thank for all your help.

    Sara and Justin – January 2017

    I recently had the good fortune to engage Quinn Legal to handle the legal aspects of buying and selling a house. Our house move was not without it’s complications and it is testament to their dedication and professionalism that the whole process was completed within challenging timescales and without significant stress or trauma. We particularly appreciated when Ruth spent considerable time explaining the complexities of our case and key terms and conditions of the contracts we were about to sign. From start to finish Quinn Legal maintained a high level of communication with me, providing regular updates of progress and always being available to talk things through when I rang.  At no time did our conversations appear hurried and although I know this was far from the case, I was often left with the perception that I was her only client. I was strongly recommended to approach Quinn Legal and they did not disappoint. Their fees for conveyancing were competitive and I would not hesitate to pass on that recommendation to anyone moving house.

    Mike Stanton, Head of Business Development, Celton Manx – January 2017

    Once again, thank you so much Neil and Robyn for all of your help – I really appreciate it!

    Anya – January 2017

    Kate, thank you so much for getting all this sorted for us, so quickly we really do appreciate it. Once again thanks for your efficiency in this matter, you have eased our stress a lot.

    Leanne and Gary – January 2017

    Thank you so much and so happy to have enlightened women representing me.

    Cara – January 2017

    Claire, I just want to say thank you so so much for all your help and care you gave me over the year. I wish you a very happy Christmas and hope the New Year brings you joy and happiness.

    Hanna – January 2017

    Louise and Lee-Ann, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for enabling the matter to be finally resolved.

    Martin – December 2016

    Thank you Peter. You have been a wonderful help (and inspiration too).

    Shelly – December 2016

    Thank you all for your work on the sale of our property, and thanks so much for the ongoing communication over the past few months. It was difficult not being able to get back to the Isle of Man for the sale and being so far away during this process. We appreciate all you did to keep us up to date!

    Tony and Jane – December 2016

    Just wanted to say thank you to you, Neil, and to Robyn, for looking after us and ensuring the sale was pretty straight forward.

    Jim – December 2016

    Thank you for all your attention and hard work, Steven.

    Matthew – December 2016

    Thanks again, Robyn, I was very happy with your services from beginning to end. It’s a joy to deal with people who are both pleasant and efficient.

    Timothy – December 2016

    Claire, may I sincerely thank you for bringing an end to a long and weary road! Spot on.

    David – December 2016

    Neil, really appreciate your help and at such short notice as well. Have been singing your praises for months now to all and sundry. The services your team offer are second to none.

    Leanne – December 2016

    Kate – Just wanted to say thanks again for sorting out our conveyancing AND for pulling out all the stops to get the sale and purchase on the same day.

    Nathan – December 2016

    Thanks so much Kate for your kindness, professionalism, compassion and speed in getting this resolved today in what are challenging circumstances. We are both extremely grateful to you, Tracy and Claire.

    Grace and Simon – November 2016

    Thank you so much for all your efforts over the past two years, Claire. I wish you all the luck in your career.

    Carol – November 2016

    Many thanks for your sterling efforts, Steven.

    David – November 2016

    I would just like to say a big thank you, Ruth, for all your efforts in getting the house purchase completed for last Friday!

    Sam – November 2016

    We have known and dealt with James and his team for many years, during which time they have provided excellent service in many areas. I can confidently recommend Quinn Legal as solid, reliable, and experts in their field.

    Matt – November 2016

    We used Quinn Legal for our conveyancing matter and what can I say, ‘First class service from start to finish’. Their communication was excellent and we were kept up to date every step of the way. Thank you very much for your professional service, we would recommend you to anyone.

    Lynn – November 2016

    Thanks for all your help, it’s been very much appreciated. I sing Quinn Legal’s praises to everyone I have spoken to and will certainly choose you if I need anything in the future.

    Nat – November 2016

    I’d like to say how much I’ve appreciated your help, advice and support during the past few months.

    Wendy – October 2016

    Thanks Quinn Legal, you’ve been fantastic.

    Lisa – October 2016

    Thank you for your time and input. But most of all, I really appreciated your genuine concern in asking how I was doing throughout the course of my case.

    Guy – October 2016

    Many thanks for all of the advice and the efficient manner with which Quinn Legal have dealt with my matter.

    Rosalind – October 2016

    I would like to thank Quinn Legal sincerely for all the help and support during my court case.

    Sinead – September 2016

    Quinn Legal was recommended to myself when I was purchasing my first property. I found Neil to be extremely helpful, they guided me through each stage of the process, making the purchase as stress free as possible. A great service at reasonable cost.

    Caitriona Dooley – September 2016

    I was so impressed with Quinn Legal’s attitude towards dealing with my business matter. It was carried out in an exemplary way. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services in the future.

    Peter – September 2016
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