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A regulatory investigation is conducted by a financial authority that suspects you or your business of failing to comply with regulations. An investigation by a financial authority can cause discomfort, stress and concerns about personal and professional reputation. We understand the implications of an investigation and are here to help you safely navigate through the process.

What Kind Of Process Is Involved?

If a financial authority begins investigating you or your business activities, they have the power to:

  • Interview you
  • Investigate documents and your business procedures
  • Make searches at your offices
  • Seize business documents and equipment
  • Make personal searches at your home
  • Put your business accounts on hold
  • Freeze your personal assets
Partnership agreements

Isle of Man Regulatory Investigation

Businesses operating on the Isle of Man are regulated by the Financial Services Authority, a government body which manages licences and ensures that companies follow the law correctly.

Regulatory Challenges And Preventing Investigation

With frequent regulatory changes and laws governing different markets and sectors, many people struggle to keep up with new regulation. It’s useful to seek legal advice if you’re having trouble understanding and following the latest regulation, or you would like to learn which rules specifically apply to your activities.

Our advocates are extremely approachable and will be happy to review your business activities to ensure that you’re implementing the correct procedures. If during the review stage it’s discovered that something isn’t quite right, the team will advise the necessary changes to help to prevent future financial investigations.

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

We focus on providing you with law expertise and trustworthy, reliable help during troubling times. Our confidential services are useful for individuals and businesses, whether you’re concerned about which regulations apply to you or you’re under regulatory investigation.

We will assist you with:

  • Requests for information, including personal documents
  • Communication with financial crime officers and attending any interviews
  • Representation if an investigation is taken to prosecution

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