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Financial crime is a growing area of criminal activity, with more and more people being victimised by scams or being involved in committing financial offences. Partly due to the revolution in digital technology over the past years, online criminal activity has dramatically increased as money can be moved at the click of a button.

Whether you’re the victim of a financial crime, isle of man fraud or a suspect in an investigation, it’s important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. This ensures that you’re well represented throughout what can be an uncomfortable and potentially life-changing experience.

Types of Isle of Man Financial Crime

Financial crime is a complex area of the law and on the Isle of Man, is monitored by the Financial Intelligence Unit.

Financial crime authorities investigate individuals and businesses for various types of crime including:

  • Isle of Man Bribery
  • Isle of Man Fraud (e.g. credit card fraud or mortgage fraud)
  • Computer fraud or e-crime
  • Isle of Man Money laundering
  • Isle of Man Embezzlement
  • Isle of Man white collar crime
  • Identity theft
  • Isle of Man Counterfeiting

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

With approachable, expert advocates at your side, you can feel reassured that as a victim of a financial crime or Isle of Man fraud, your best interests are considered at all times. We’ll represent you in communications with authorities and explain the potential outcomes to your individual circumstance, keeping you informed throughout the proceedings.

Alternatively, if you’re under investigation for a financial crime, our experienced advocates will work tirelessly to not only protect your reputation, but also fight your case regardless of the severity of the alleged offence.

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