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If you’re under investigation for drug use, possession or distribution, it can be a distressing and worrying experience. For those facing prosecution for drug offences, the often life-changing punishment will be measured against the class and quantity of drug(s), and your level of alleged involvement.

Whatever the offence, it’s important to seek legal advice to ensure you’re fairly treated and well represented. The impact of being involved in a drug investigation can damage your reputation, while sentences for drug offences often result in lengthy prison time. Legal guidance can help to minimise the effect of an investigation on your personal and professional life, and also provide vital assistance throughout the prosecution stages.

Types Of Isle of Man Drug Offences

Authorities can investigate you for a variety of drug offences, with some examples including:

  • Possession of illegal substances
  • Intent to supply drugs
  • Trafficking and supplying drugs
  • Producing or growing drugs
  • Possession of a recipe to grow an illegal substance
  • Drug driving
  • Importation of drugs
Isle of Man Drug Offences

Drug Offences: How Can Quinn Legal Help?

Our Criminal team are experts in handling any kind of drug offence case, from minor personal use to serious drug supplying or production charges. We understand that many people don’t realise the implications of being involved with drugs and that sometimes, it’s a case of knowing the wrong people.

Regardless of your circumstances and the severity of the alleged drug offence, our approachable advocates will reassure you throughout the investigation and provide smart, well-informed legal guidance. We know criminal law inside out and have worked tirelessly to develop solid communications with local authorities. Our knowledge and understanding is at your disposal from the first day you get in touch with us.

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