Our Property team are here to help you. If you’re planning to relocate on or off the Isle of Man, contact us on 01624 665522 for expert property advice.Relocation Isle of Man

Taking The Plunge

Relocating should be an exciting experience, but because of the many decisions involved, it’s often a little stressful and time-consuming.

Buying Or Renting Property

At Quinn Legal we have one of the Island’s leading property teams under our roof. Our conveyancers are experts in the field and can assist with buying and renting property across the Island.

We know the market inside out and with a large network of contacts, you’ll benefit from top connections (e.g. estate agents, removal companies and property developers). With our knowledge and contacts, the process is made easier from the start.

You can read more about buying property or selling your home here. You can also generate a quick conveyancing quote, by using our online calculator.

Relocation Isle of Man

Work Permits

If you’re not an Isle of Man worker, you’ll likely have to apply for a work permit. Our Employment team can assist you with advice and legal guidance about the application process.


Perhaps you’re looking to emigrate to the Island from abroad? You may need a visa through UK Visas and Immigration if you’re a foreign national. Our advocates can assist you with legal guidance throughout the immigration process and explain your employment rights as a new resident.

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

We’re here to assist you throughout the entire relocation process, whether you’re moving to the Isle of Man or moving off it.

We will:

  • Advise you while you live off-Island and before your relocation
  • Explain the process of relocating, including accommodation, employment, financials (e.g. tax) and schooling (if applicable)
  • Assist with the legal side of property, such as buying a home or renting accommodation on the Island
  • Inform you of your options and decisions that need to be made for relocation off Island
  • Help you to sell your home if you’re moving off Island
  • Explain the terms of your rental agreement and the legal process for being released early

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