probate sales & transfers

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Property Administration

After the passing of a loved one, there may be administrative, legal and tax arrangements to make, especially where property is involved. Our sympathetic conveyancers can lift the emotional pressure you may feel during this difficult time. They’re highly trained in offering support and guidance, to assist you in making the right decisions and to make the process run smoothly.

Arrangements To Consider

  • Organising what happens to a loved one’s affairs
  • Transferring property to any beneficiaries
  • Selling property or deciding how to manage it
  • Understanding your role as an executor or administrator of a will
probate sales & transfers Isle of Man

What Are Probate Sales And Transfers?

Probate sales
This process involves deciding when to market the deceased’s property, organising insurance if/while it’s empty and finally, selling it quickly and efficiently. It’s important to get the best price possible when selling someone else’s property and often negotiations take place with beneficiaries to ensure the price is right.

Probate transfers
If a loved one’s property is gifted in a will, a transfer to the beneficiaries will take place.

Probate sales and transfers each have a variety of legal concerns and because of these, it’s always best to seek advice from a lawyer.

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

At Quinn Legal, the way we do law is different to traditional law firms. Our advocates practise two or more areas of law, and our teams work extremely closely. This benefits our services to you, especially probate sales and transfer services as you’ll be supported by our Property team and our Estate Planning team.

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