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Our Property team are here to help you. If you’re going through a separation and want to transfer property, contact us on 01624 665522 for expert property advice.Matrimonial Partnership Transfers Isle of Man

Relationship Breakdown And Property

When a relationship ends, it can be a stressful, upsetting experience and it’s likely that your thoughts won’t immediately be on handling property matters. At Quinn Legal we understand the worries that occur and are here to support you with useful, timely advice throughout this sensitive time.

We offer legal advice for relationship breakdown and divorce and can assist with separation agreements if you’re yet to decide the future of your relationship. Don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01624 665522 for more information.

What Are Matrimonial And Civil Partnership Transfers?

If you decide to separate or leave a marriage, you may be faced with a number of big decisions. One of the first decisions to consider is housing and what living arrangements you and your partner will organise.

When dealing with property, matrimonial and civil partnership transfer is an option for couples who own a home or are renting together. It’s possible to transfer a tenancy to allow one person to move out and the other to take full ownership of the property, or full occupation as a tenant.

Often the courts are involved as they help to make a final decision for both parties. It makes the process smoother as after a relationship breakdown it can be difficult for each side to agree on a course of action.

Matrimonial Partnership Transfers Isle of Man

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

Our Property team are renowned Island-wide for their efficiency and sensitivity in handling property matters. Our sympathetic conveyancers and support staff have extensive experience in dealing with property transfer, selling the family home to divide the profits and organising lump sum payments.

We’ll help by:

  • Advising you from day one, explaining possible choices and potential outcomes
  • Guiding you through the entire transfer process and putting measures in place to prevent future issues
  • Drafting legal documentation, clearly explaining what it means and how it benefits you
  • Organising legal charges
  • Supporting you through any court action

We recognise that property transfers aren’t your only consideration. You’ll likely need to update your will to reflect any changes made to your relationship and how you wish your assets to be distributed. Our Estate Planning team can help you throughout this process and ensure that your affairs are organised to suit your lifestyle and wishes.

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