financial services regulation

Prevention is better than cure. Failure to comply with legislation may ultimately lead to regulatory investigations. Clients expect to work with fully compliant businesses and realistically, it’s too costly to do otherwise. If you’re struggling with regulations or under investigation, get in touch and we’ll take care of the situation for you.

What You Need To Know

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is the Isle of Man’s financial regulator and prosecutor, alongside the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) who investigate and enforce criminal investigations. Each organisation works to protect the Island’s finance sector reputation and aid international organisations in their pursuit of white-collar crime.

The regulatory environment is complex and multi-jurisdictional. Successfully managing business with international elements and code compliance requires an extensive understanding of both the legal requirements laid out by the law and the practical knowledge needed to meet authority expectations.

Get it right first time. At Quinn Legal, our experts in code compliance and risk management are here to help you. Early action may help mitigate the cost, stress and damage to you and your business.

We have a team of specialists in financial services regulations. They’re available to assist your firm from start to finish. Navigating the evolving regulations is time-consuming and fraught with legal confusion, even for experienced professionals. Our advocates are constantly improving their knowledge and developing experience in the regulatory minefield.

You May Need A Lawyer If You’re:
  • Facing a regulatory assessment
  • Looking to set up a new business or launch a new service and would like confidence as to the licencing requirement
  • Expanding or receiving business from a foreign entity
  • In need of a compliance health-check
financial services regulation

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

We’ll navigate you through an increasingly complex legal and regulatory landscape. With thorough and organised advocates, Quinn Legal has a knowledge-bank of financial services regulations at your disposal.

Our commercially-aware advocates understand the need for accuracy and adding-value. Helping you to achieve your business objectives is at the heart of what we do.

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