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For any not-for-profit organisation, customer data is an important asset. Organisations store and use personal information such as contact details and donor history through to insights about customer behaviour on a frequent basis, with most having gained access to that data under the Isle of Man’s Data Protection Act 2002.

The General Data Protection Regulation is a new Regulation (introduced in 2016) which is bringing clarity to how individuals’ data should be managed and used, and once fully enforceable in May 2018, not-for-profits will be expected to be compliant with its principles.

What is the GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be fully enforceable on the 25th May 2018. It’s the first major overhaul of data protection in the Isle of Man for 16 years and UK for 20 years. The objectives of the Regulation are to give individuals more rights, to create transparency and to ensure that any organisation that collects, handles or shares personal data, does so with a clear and lawful purpose.

Whatever your organisation currently practices in relation to customer data under the Isle of Man Data Protection Act 2002 will likely need considerable revision and improvement. This includes your existing data management processes and how you communicate with your audiences.

Quinn Legal’s expert GDPR team can support your not-for-profit organisation and assist you in becoming compliant with the GDPR.

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Will the GDPR be good for my not-for-profit?

At first glance, the principles put forward in the GDPR may seem alarming, however, once you understand their purpose, it’s clear that they will allow you to reconnect with your audience as well as potentially help you to save money in the future.

Our interpretation of the Regulation is that organisations, by being compliant with its principles, will be able to develop a transparent relationship with all stakeholders. As a compliant not-for-profit, you’ll use data responsibly and have the chance to increase your visibility as a trusted brand.

The GDPR will be good for any type of organisation, not only due to its clarification of how individuals’ data should be managed and used, but through its focus on auditing current data processes and procedures. Organisations, including non-profits, will have the opportunity to re-assess their approach to data and improve their operational capabilities.

How can Quinn Legal help your not-for-profit?

In light of the GDPR, it’s essential that at the minimum, organisations improve their systems and processes in preparation for the upcoming enforcement of the Regulation in May 2018.

We can assist with completely bespoke GDPR services, tailored to your needs and operational requirements:

  • Auditing and reviewing your existing policies
  • Updating and/or creating a suite of policy documents in line with the Regulation
  • Advice on implementing effective procedures
  • Certified training for your staff
  • Access to a low-cost Online Self-Compliance Portal

For more information, please visit our GDPR Solutions page!

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