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Quinn Legal is a GDPR data protection consultancy that uses certified GDPR data practitioners to deliver core training services. Our GDPR training is designed specifically for commercial and charitable organisations.

GDPR Unlocked

Attendees of our ‘GDPR Unlocked’ course have an opportunity to understand every aspect from a practical basis and more so now that the deadline has passed. From the basics to subject access requests through to the conditions for processing data and data subjects’ rights, attendees will be updated on the latest regulations and processes.

The Course

This course is comprehensive, interactive and after a full days learning, ending with a reflective questions and answers session.

Training is a key aspect of compliance under the GDPR and so is continued professional development. Without it, an organisation will not be able to effectively ensure it is complying with the law.

Our course uses case studies and current news reports to illustrate how data protection works in the real world, how it is misunderstood and frequently incorrectly interpreted. The positive feedback we have received demonstrates the effectiveness of our services.

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Peter Cannell (Advocate and Data Practitioner)

Kerry Smith (Head of Regulation & Compliance)

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