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Simply put, data protection is all about protecting your personal information. The Data Protection Isle of Man Act 2002 sets important regulation for companies to adhere to, with the interests of the general public at the heart of the policy. In May 2018, compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation legislation will be expected from certain businesses too.

Quinn Legal’s Business team are extremely knowledgeable in the area of data protection policy and are well-placed within the industry to advise both individuals concerned about their own personal data, and businesses managing their in-house policies. The team are up-to-date with the GDPR legislation and how it will impact Isle of Man businesses. Read more about the General Data Protection protection Isle of Man

Data Protection Isle of Man
What You Need To Know

The current Data Protection Isle of Man Act policy doesn’t only have an impact on companies, but affects how clubs, societies and public services are organised too.

All businesses, societies and public services interact with stakeholders (e.g. customers and other companies) and will use personal data in day-to-day operations. Data protection policy is a fundamental part of managing the personal data you and your organisation keep, whether in hard copy or digital files.

By May 2018, the Isle of Man Government will expect organisational compliance with the new data protection regulation, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). From May 2016 new waves of this policy have been gradually introduced, with the understanding that even if the new GDPR isn’t fully brought into Manx legislature, aspects of it will be brought under the current Data Protection Act. For further detailed information, please visit the Information Commissioner’s website.

The new GDPR regulation deals directly with EU concerns and is important for the Island due to the way local companies manage personal data for EU businesses. With direct links into Europe, the Isle of Man has agreements in place for trade and the transferring of data internationally to countries with a similar level of data protection.

To maintain the necessary connections the Island has with the EU, it’s vital that data protection is taken seriously and local companies operate to the highest standards. In the future, it’s suggested that companies will be required to have a Data Protection Officer in-house and provide adequate training to key staff who manage data.

You May Need A Lawyer If Your Business:
  • Is using an old Data Protection policy
  • Requires a procedure audit and gap analysis
  • Has been approached by a client for a subject access request (SAR)
  • Would like staff training on current Data Protection policy and the GDPR
data protection Isle of Man

Data Protection Isle of Man, GDPR Isle of Man: How Can Quinn Legal Help?

From this information, the most important take-away for your business is that your current data protection documents are likely to need reviewing and updating. At Quinn Legal we offer a full-range of data protection Isle of Man services, from looking for gaps in your current policies to providing expert and certified training for your staff.

Similarly, if you’re concerned about the personal data kept on file about you by a local company, our friendly advocates can assist you in filing a subject access request or advising on the best course of action to take.

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