Isle of Man Financial Crime & Fraud

Discovering that a financial crime has been alleged against your organisation is likely to cause you sleepless nights. The aftermath can have a huge effect on personal reputation and that of your business, as well as potentially impact on staff morale and client relations when left unmanaged.

Quinn Legal’s Corporate Crime Unit are highly-experienced in handling the complexities and complications a financial crime can bring, and are confident in managing the public aspect of dealing with such matters.

Providing you with reassurance and confidence at an uncertain time, our specialist advocates can support you and your organisation with knowledge and expertise across the full range of civil, criminal and regulatory concerns.

What You Need To Know

There are two main aspects of financial crime:

  1. Financial activities which create wealth benefits for those committing the crime
  2. Financial activities which work to protect and prevent discovery of illegally-obtained funds (e.g. money laundering)

Types of financial crime include:

  • Bribery and corruption
  • Electronic crime
  • Fraud
  • Insider dealing
  • Money laundering
  • Terrorist financing

Who would commit a financial crime?

  • People involved in organised criminal groups (e.g. terrorists)
  • Management-level employees in a business (often to disguise or hide financial problems occurring in the company)
  • Company employees (senior-level to junior-level who steal from their employer)
  • People external to a company but who may have some interest or knowledge of its activities (e.g. a customer or supplier)
  • Opportunist criminals who may not be connected to an organisation

You May Need A Lawyer If

  • You want to put preventative measures in place to protect your business
  • Your business has been targeted and is the victim of financial crime
  • Your business is being investigated by financial authorities
  • You’re the victim of a financial crime
  • You’re a suspect in a financial crime investigation
Isle of Man Financial Crime & Fraud

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

With years’ worth of criminal, litigation and business experience, our advocates are understanding and sympathetic to the shock and stress that the discovery of a financial crime can cause.

Perhaps you own a company that a financial crime has been committed at, or you’re being investigated for involvement in a financial crime; whatever your situation, it can be an extremely difficult and worrying experience to navigate.

When you get in touch with Quinn Legal, we’ll arrange for you to meet with our professional team. You’ll meet them in a safe, confidential space and have the opportunity to air your concerns and be listened to. Once we know all the details, we’ll work with you to plan how to respond to your individual situation, including managing reputation, handling public enquiries and dealing with staff.

Throughout using our legal services, you’ll be supported with frequent communication and approachable advocates.

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