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When your company is faced with a criminal or regulatory investigation, the high stakes can destroy more than good reputation. With many businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions, tensions can be heightened by the challenges of having to deal with different regulators and investigators.

During uncertain times, you’ll need legal representation that inspires your confidence. With acute insight into how investigations are conducted, how to act and what may be expected of you and your business, Quinn Legal’s Corporate Crime Unit provide specialist legal services for individuals and businesses under investigation by the authorities.

What You Need To Know

Allegations of financial crime or regulatory breaches can bring a whole host of worries to business owners, employees and family members, especially in a close-knit community like the Isle of Man. With regulation creeping in to more and more industries, along with increased media attention, corporate investigations are becoming a hot-topic in the business world. Unwanted press reports about your organisation and its alleged involvement in criminal activity or unethical conduct could severely damage your business, even where you have done nothing wrong.

Financial crime and regulatory investigations are conducted by multi-jurisdictional authorities and the type of investigation depends on where the alleged activities have been committed and the global reach of the business. Requiring detailed evidence and face-to-face investigation, it often takes a substantial amount of time to deal with investigating authorities even where there appears to be no real case to answer.

Delaying the response to a criminal or regulatory investigation can result in serious consequences for you and your business. As soon as you become aware of any investigation, it’s important to act quickly and secure legal representation as soon as you can.

Crucially, it’s essential that you choose the right law firm to represent and communicate on your behalf throughout the investigation. Co-operation and transparent contact with the regulating authorities should be a top priority, along with knowing what you can legally provide them with, how you should respond and when you should act. This takes an in-depth understanding of the law, regulation, and how the investigative process works. Furthermore, instructing a law firm also gives you legal professional privilege. This protects all communications between yourself and your advocate from being disclosed without the permission of yourself.

Quinn Legal’s Corporate Crime Unit understand the necessity of communicating effectively with the authorities. With valuable long-term relationships in place, we can provide you and your business with the right legal advice.

You May Need A Lawyer If You Have:

  • You’ve been contacted by authorities relating to a criminal or regulatory investigation
  • You suspect financial criminal activity or a significant breach of the statutory regulations has taken place at your business
dealing with an investigation Isle of Man

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

Our specialist team of advocates have outstanding reputations across criminal, civil and business law. Having dealt with hundreds of legal cases, they are highly-respected and offer bespoke defence strategies to suit your circumstances. Furthermore, Quinn Legal is one of the few firms on the Isle of Man with experience in dealing with high-level cases of these types.

Investigations can be incredibly time-consuming; extensive historical research is often conducted, using up your valuable business resources. As your legal representation, our aim is to fully prepare you to cope with the stresses of an investigation and to advise you of your obligations.

If you are subject to an investigation and have instructed Quinn Legal’s Corporate Crime Unit, we will initially invite you to discuss your situation and your potential knowledge of any alleged criminal activity or regulatory breach. Following this, we will explain the processes involved in a criminal investigation and support you when requests for documentation and interviews are made.

Each financial crime or regulatory breach is unique, meaning that no investigation is the same. In some situations, your business may need help with reputation management. Our advocates are sensitive to your business needs and can assist in handling media enquiries and issuing public statements to protect your reputation.

Our specialist Corporate Crime Unit team understands the need to handle criminal investigations carefully, especially as with the stakes being high. We provide trustworthy and confidential services, and will work with you to achieve favourable results.

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