criminal & reg. investigations

Criminal and Regulatory Investigations almost inevitably harm your reputation, increase costs and distract management. These effects can be mitigated and managed if you have the right representation. Choosing the Quinn Legal team as your defence is a conscientious step towards resolving this type of issue.

What You Need To Know

Businesses face an increasingly complex legal and regulatory landscape. Government regulators and financial crime units have been given a widening remit and scope of powers to aggressively enforce legislation. If the authorities require your assistance, your response must be appropriate and swift.

White-collar crime investigations follow the money. Firms and professionals may be considered professional enablers and can be directly accused of committing offences by law-enforcement while on the money-trail. Being the subject of an investigation can cause unmeasurable harm to your business and reputation.

Quinn Legal is a multi-disciplinary law firm with expertise in both Isle of Man criminal litigation and regulatory compliance. If you’re involved in an investigation, contact us as early as you can and we’ll immediately establish an effective way of managing the situation.

You May Need A Lawyer If You Have:
  • Received notice to aid the authorities in an investigation
  • Been asked to produce client files and documents to the authorities
  • Concerns about changes to legislation and guidance, and how these affect your business
  • Been arrested and are being investigated

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

At Quinn Legal, our advocates draw on a wealth of experience and expertise to support you when you most need it. With our knowledge, we’re able to create teams of specialists best equipped to resolve your unique circumstance.

Our approachable advocates understand the need for empathy and professionalism, regardless of your involvement in the crime. Your matter will be dealt with in the strictest confidence at all times.

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