isle of man white collar crime

With complex regulatory expectations and continuously changing legislation, the corporate and commercial playing fields aren’t simple to navigate. Adding to existing pressure is the increase in reported white collar crime, otherwise known as business or corporate crime.

When serious situations arise, you’ll need expert legal advice to support and guide you from day one. Quinn Legal’s White Collar Crime team is made up of highly-experienced corporate law advocates, senior criminal practitioners and litigators who understand the high-stakes involved with Isle of Man white collar crime investigations.

Isle of Man White Collar Crime: What You Need To Know

Covering a range of offences, Isle of Man white collar crimes are commonly committed by either business professionals against companies or workers at a company. Affecting individuals and businesses alike, if you become the victim of white collar crime or have allegations made against you, the experience can be extremely stressful and worrying.

Isle of Man white collar crimes are non-violent, more often than not involve money, and are likely to be multi-jurisdictional. For many people, when they hear the words white collar crime they imagine suit-wearing professionals committing crimes in faraway cities. Along with this misconception is the false notion that white collar crime only affects big businesses and the personalities in charge.

Isle of Man white collar crimes can be committed by people working at all levels within a company and can occur in any location, including in the Isle of Man. In turn, businesses of any size can find themselves embroiled in white collar crime, both as victim and alleged offender.

Types of white collar crime include:

  • Isle of Man Fraud
  • Isle of Man Bribery
  • Isle of Man Counterfeiting
  • Isle of Man Embezzlement
  • Isle of Man Insider dealing
  • Isle of Man Theft
  • Isle of Man Money laundering

You May Need A Lawyer If You’re:

  • You want to put preventative measures in place to protect your business
  • Your business has been targeted and is the victim of white collar crime
  • Your business is being investigated by financial authorities
  • You’re the victim of white collar crime
  • You’re a suspect in a white collar crime investigation
Isle of Man White Collar Crime

How Can Quinn Legal Help with Isle of Man White Collar Crime?

Do you have concerns for your business’ safety? Quinn Legal’s White Collar Crime is highly-experienced in implementing preventative measures to bring you peace of mind.

We can assist your business with:

  • Reviewing and auditing your business policies to minimise risk and keep your organisation up-to-date with regulatory changes
  • Staff training across a range of topics (including anti-money laundering)
  • Talks and workshops across a range of topics to suit your business needs

Are you concerned about white collar crime, or perhaps you’ve been contacted regarding an investigation? Whatever your involvement in white collar crime, Quinn Legal is here to support you with knowledgeable legal advice and guidance.

Founded on providing exceptional client service, we’ll listen to your side of the story and work with you to tackle the difficulties you’re facing.

As a client of Quinn Legal, you’ll be reassured and supported by our approachable, specialist teams. For large-scale cases, we often liaise with valued external connections who can offer insight and expertise across the full range of business and criminal matters.

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