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Isle of Man crisis management

Actions of rogue employees, alleged serious criminal activity, regulatory wrongdoing or a substantial data security breach. These are just some of the many ways in which your business could be threatened with a crisis.

In all cases, quick, decisive and astute action will be required to be taken in a calm, considered and measured manner. Quinn Legal offers a full range of legal services needed to cope in a crisis situation and has extensive direct experience in crisis management.

Crisis Management: What You Need To Know

Preventing a crisis

It’s an unavoidable fact that almost all businesses are targeted in one way or another by cyber-attacks. These can range from mass-attack spam emails containing malware or ransom-ware, through to sophisticated, targeted attacks that can either prevent a business from operating or cause disastrous consequences through data-leakage. In addition, the actions of disgruntled or unhinged employees could also result in similar effects. In both cases, the business will not only be effected directly, but also from the knock-on effects that these actions would have with regulators.

Before making any plans on how to deal with a crisis, the first stage is to review and reduce the risks that could lead to a crisis. Using our experience and expertise, alongside industry experts, Quinn Legal will undertake wide-ranging risk assessments of your business in order to improve risk prevention:

  • Cyber security review Isle of Man / audit – including ethical hacking; IT security policy
  • Human Resource review / audit – employee background checks; employment documentation and policies
  • Compliance review / Compliance audit Isle of Man – compliance processes and procedures; regulatory returns
  • Disaster recovery and data security arrangements – review of current measures


Planning for a crisis

All businesses should recognise that they are likely to experience at least one unforeseen event at some point in time which could lead to a crisis. Planning for a crisis involves:

  • Identifying individual(s) to serve as the crisis manager
  • Planning how to respond to a variety of crises
  • Using scenarios to practise crisis management techniques including role-playing
  • Setting up systems and practices to monitor and detect any early warning signals
  • Involving appropriate stakeholders in the planning and practising


Dealing with a crisis

Any response to a crisis needs to be carefully coordinated. Cool and calm heads are required to act in a pressurised situation in order to make the right decisions efficiently and effectively.

Quinn Legal will manage every aspect the crisis in order to minimise the impact of the crisis:

  • Media – potentially damaging publicity could harm the reputation of the business
  • Criminal investigations – into alleged criminal wrongdoing
  • Regulatory / disciplinary issues – regulators hold powers to obtain information and penalise the business or stop it from trading
  • Internal investigations – it might be necessary to carry out internal investigations to clarify the facts or uncover additional information
  • Employment issues – various employment issues might arise such as suspending or dismissing employees

How Can Quinn Legal Help?

Should your business be threatened with a major crisis, you need to know where to turn. Our specialist Isle of Man crisis management team will be there to support you every step of the way. We will:

  • Support and advise you under the protection of legal privilege
  • Act as your first point of communication and as the core custodian of the facts
  • Ensure that the right information is available to decision makers
  • Ensure that the appropriate narrative is provided to local media and their representatives
  • Coordinate and support any internal investigations
  • Deliver all types of legal advice to you and your company
  • Help you deal with any employment issues
  • Coordinate communication with regulators

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